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Power Praise Aerobics


Aerobic Dance - Aerobic dancing is the fitness sport that combines the health and figure benefits of  jogging with the fun of dancing. The Power Praise  Aerobics program is creatively choreographed for the  non-dancer, yet challenging for experienced students.

The classes are progressive, with a new dance introduced weekly.  Many different dance styles are incorporated, such as: swing,  ball room, jazz, disco, ballet, hip hop and Latin.  

But what makes Power Praise stand out from among all the other programs?   It is a program that exercises body, soul and spirit all at the same time. Every  dance is creatively inspired to spirit lifting Christian music.   It is truly a body, soul and spirit workout.



 If you are faithful in coming to class, you can expect the following benefits:


  • A strong heart

  • Decrease in resting heart rate

  • Improved circulation by clearing out cholesterol buildup

  • Your body will adapt to burn fat as primary fuel source

  • Improved psychological disposition and reduced stress levels

  • Increased basal metabolic rate

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Reduced LDL blood cholesterol level

  • Toned muscles

  • Improved balance and posture

  • Increased Blood Oxygen level

  • Increased flexibility, reducing capability of injury

  • New friendships and support group

  • A new freedom in praise and worship


What to bring:

  • Exercise mat or towel for floor work

  • Sturdy aerobic or cross-training shoes. It is recommended that you keep a separate pair of shoes to be worn only inside. 

  • Water bottle

  • Attitude of praise



  • Proper form is very important 

  • Focus on foot work first then add arm movements 

  • Work at the level that is right for you 

  • Do not bounce during stretching 

  • Pregnant students must have written permission from their doctors to participate 

  • If you have had heart problems, or any other sickness or injury that could be a danger to your health, you must fill out the Exercise Readiness Questionnaire prior to participation to see if you need physician permission. 

  • Do not be self conscious! Let go and have fun!!!


Rules and Regulations:

  • No alcohol before or during class

  • No smoking in class area

  • No gum chewing during class

  • No wet or dirty shoes in workout area. It is preferred that you carry your workout shoes with you and change into them once you are there.



The exercise programs offered by Kingdom Fit Inc. are by donation only.  I trust each participant to give out of their own convictions and abilities and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  An attendance record is kept and participants pay only for classes attended. A minimum donation of $4.00-$6.00 per class is requested, but not required.*

*I recently investigated the cost for a similar class (a secular company that I used to work for) and found that the going rate is between $8.00 and $12.00 per class depending on region.  Zumba classes are $12.00 to $15.00!  





WHERE: Morningside Lutheran  700 S. Martha St.


WHEN: Mon. & Thurs.  5:25 - 6:30 p.m.

Use door "D"on west side (back) of building.










NOBODY   -   Casting Crowns

WHEN WE PRAY  -   Tauren Wells                                                                                                                                             


IN THE NAME  -  Raze                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Gang of Rhythm - Walk Off the Earth

Who Says?  -   Joshua Micah

Put Your Hand Together  -  Fred Hammond/Natalie Wilson

Soul On Fire  -  Third Day

Better Than Life  -  Lakewood Live

Rise Up  -   Lauren James

You Should Be Dancing  -  Bee Gees

Solid Rock -  Denver and The Mile High Orchestra

Reason  -  Unspoken

You  -  Britt Nicole


 Holy Water  -  We The Kingdom


Thank you Jesus                                                              Hillsong

Revelation Song                                                              Phillips, Craig & Dean