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The warmth of the water has the same impact as a hot pack on a sore muscle. Rather than radiant heat, the warm water engulfs the entire body and loosens any muscle tightness. The American Heart Association reports that hot tubs cause the dilation of blood vessels, increasing the flow and pressure of blood throughout the body. This helps people with muscle or joint pain by delivering oxygen and enzymes to the site of an ache. 

PLEASE NOTE:    Seasonal - Open October 1 - April 30

If you are planning on enjoying a soak in the hot tub, please refrain from using any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants prior to use.  If  this is neglected, you will be asked to shower before using. Bring bathing suit or extra undergarments that can be worn in tub.  Remember to bring a plastic bag to put wet garments in.

You will be asked to read and sign Guidelines For Hot Tub Use before using tub. 

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