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 Stretch & Meditation

Stretch & Meditation - Stretching is probably one of the most neglected aspects of fitness.  It is vital to your health just as much as aerobic activity and strength training.  With the Power Praise Stretch & Meditation, the stretching is combined with meditation on the Word of God and deep breathing techniques for relaxation.  During each class, the participants will stretch and lengthen all major muscles, meditate and memorize powerful verses from the Bible, and conclude with personal reflection, worship and quiet time to hear God's voice.  

If you are faithful in coming to class, you can expect the following benefits:


  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Increased range of movement in the joints

  • Enhanced muscular coordination

  • Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body

  • Increased energy levels (resulting from increased circulation)

  • Relief from pain

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Increased flexibility, reducing capability of injury

  • Improved balance and posture

  • New friendships and support group

  • A new freedom in praise and worship

  • Sharpen ability to be still and know God's voice


What to bring:

  • Exercise mat or towel (suggest a thick exercise mat as opposed to "yoga mat").

  • Note pad and pen

  • It is recommended that if you desire to wear shoes, that you keep a separate pair of shoes to be worn only during class.  Otherwise non-slip socks or bare feet are suggested.

  • Water bottle

  • Attitude of worship



  • Proper form is very important

  • Work at the level that is right for you 

  • Do not bounce during stretching

  •  Pregnant students must have written permission from their doctors to participate

  • Please do not talk with one another during class. 

  • Focus completely on the Lord and the Word being spoken.

  • After session is complete, please leave area quietly so as to be respectful of those still basking in the Lord's presence.

  • If you have had heart problems, or any other sickness or injury that could be a danger to your health, you must fill out the Exercise Readiness Questionnaire prior to participation to see if you need physician permission.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Please turn cell phones off (unless you have a job that requires you to have it on at all times)

  • No smoking on church property

  • No gum chewing during class 



The exercise programs offered by Kingdom Fit Inc. are by donation only.  I trust each participant to give out of their own convictions and abilities and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  An attendance record is kept and participants pay only for classes attended. A minimum donation of $4.00 per class* is requested, but not required.

*This is much less than one would expect to pay for a traditional yoga class.





                   2330 Holton Rd. Muskegon, MI  49445


WHEN: WEDNESDAY 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.


Please arrive 10 minutes early if possible.

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