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Biblical Weight Management Counseling

Being healthy and fit is more than a number on the scale.  To obtain true fitness, all areas of a person must be addressed:

Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

For spiritual and emotional fitness, Kingdom Fit Inc. incorporates Biblical Based Counseling


Biblical (Word) Based Counseling:

  • Counseling and ministry that addresses the full range of problems encountered by women in the Body of Christ.

  • The goal of Word Based Counseling is to change lives through the grace and power of God; to bring good news to the poor and afflicted, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim deliverance and freedom to those who are captive and bruised. (Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18)

  • Word Based Counseling is ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Counselor's tools are the Word of God, prayer, and the work of the Holy Spirit.  The counselor relies on the Holy Spirit to surface the heart issues, to reveal the root causes of stress, and to break the bondages of sin and darkness.  As the truth, mercy and grace of God are released into the client's life, the client is challenged and enabled to move into a place of trust, surrender, and obedience to God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Word Based Counseling is not an alternative to or replacement for involvement in a local church and the normal disciplines of Christian life.  Word Based Counseling is an arm of assistance to the local pastor to help him with his heavy counseling load. 


Initial Interview

At our first meeting, we will discuss pertinent background data and discuss together the particular concerns and problems that brought you to seek counseling. Then we can plan together the directions and goals for your course of therapy and plan the sessions. Often I find it useful for new clients/patients to answer some simple questionnaires. This can sometimes help to pinpoint specific areas of concern and rule out others early in our relationship, thus saving valuable therapy time.

Length of Therapy

Counseling and therapy do not provide instant answers, but sometimes situational problems can be dealt with in short periods of time. We will determine together the frequency of your visits in the first few sessions. Often we will discuss your progress and prognosis, and plans for further therapy. You have the right, at any time, to end treatment whether I agree with your decision or not. If you wish to end our working relationship, I hope that you will discuss it with me in advance. If you wish to continue treatment with another therapist, I will be happy to refer you.


The relationship between therapist and patient/client is one of honesty and trust. During therapy you may discuss information of a sensitive nature that you would not discuss with a spouse, family, friends, work associates, or others. I can assure you that the information that I gather from you will be held as strictly confidential. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. If in my judgment you are likely to in the near future either harm yourself or harm someone else, I am obligated to notify your family, the police or the intended victim. Please note that I have found such instances to be very rare and in no way wish to discourage discussion of negative feelings toward yourself or anyone else. It is my ethical and legal responsibility to take these precautions.


  • The Initial Consultation is offered at a reduced rate of $20.00.  This visit is to discuss reason for therapy and style of therapy to determine compatibility and probability of effective therapy. 

  • Counseling sessions are $25.00 per 30 minute visit unless other arrangements are made.  In some cases we will base payment on sliding scale.  It is most helpful if the handling of funds occurs at the onset of each session. Weekly visits are required while on program. If additional time is required, the charge is $10 for each additional 10 minutes.

  • A $35.00 charge will be assessed for any returned checks

  • We do not bill insurance companies.  This is to protect your confidentiality.*

  • There are packages available.  See Weight Management Packages.



Unlike physicians who operate on more flexible and inexact schedules, our appointments together will be set for a definite time and duration (usually 50 minutes). Because of this fixed schedule no one will be waiting for your time if you do not use it. If you find that you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, I ask that you notify me as soon as possible. A charge will be made for appointments not canceled 24 hours in advance, unless there are special circumstances.

Concluding Remarks

Therapy is a two-way effort entailing mutual respect, responsibility, and consideration between you and your therapist. The policies outlined above are designed to make your therapy more productive and to avoid any unnecessary problems. Feel free to discuss with me any of my policies, whether mentioned here or not. By working together, we can establish a rewarding therapeutic relationship.


For questions contact us, or you can schedule on line.   


*  Since insurance companies operate on the "medical model", clients, for the legal records, are turned into patients, and the mental health professional must determine and disclose a clinical diagnosis of a mental disorder when submitting a claim to receive reimbursement by the insurance company. Once your diagnosis and other information has been submitted to the insurance company, hundreds of government agencies would have virtually unlimited access to your private records without your consent.
In other words...: your information is no longer confidential!

Healthy Living Support Group:
So many diet fads and overwhelming health tips cause the average woman to get lost in the sea of confusion.  Once a week we meet and discuss God's idea of a healthy lifestyle.  We share nutritional tips, including what the Bible says about what we should eat, behavioral modification tips, exercise tips and spiritual truths.  We end each meeting agreeing in prayer and taking authority over all of our individual struggles.  It's a wonderful time of fellowship with women that are battling common enemies.

There are many other aspects of life that effect our health.  It is not just about nutrition and exercise.  We also hold seminars and discussions on other difficult issues in life such as stress management, family life, relationships, emotional issues etc. 

There is a healing that comes when you gather with other believers that are struggling with like issues and discuss and pray.  It assures you that you are not alone; that there are others that do understand; and we can support and pray for one another.

Next session:

Good Health, Good Life: 12 Keys to Enjoying Physical and Spiritual Wellness

by Joyce Meyer

12 Week session.  Each week we will read one chapter of book and gather to discuss and pray.

START DATE :  TBD   Please call 712-202-5052 if you are interested in this session.  


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